My goal is to work together with those who seek to locate or unblock their inner artist, as well as those who wish to find positive, reinforcement of self-worth and joy in the exploration of Creative Expression.

We offer students a self-challenging, safe and supportive environment which encourages individuals to have fun and explore the very sacred ground of “Self-Expressional Art.”

“One on One” or intentionally small groups allow for intimate focus and individual reward in a non-competitive and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Join us at FireBrand Studios a place of joy, light and water music. We sit atop a hill adjacent to more than 2 million acres of National Forest which stretches out beyond like a magic carpet. Local birds of every description, as well as some of the earth’s most interesting creatures, stop by at our sanctuary.

Sharing the gift of our studio or I can come to the location of Your Choice.

For further information please email us.