LisBeth Graham in Italy

The Artist’s creative connection with nature’s earth, water, air and fire.

I have always puzzled over the elemental nature of life. Who are we? Why do we dare to create? What is our role as an artist? Each day I approach my sculptural work, I am different. I know more and approach the undertaking in different circumstances. Working within the framework of teaching others how to bring out the best in themselves, as both an artist and an individual, led me to discover amplified creativity within myself.

I work with the concept of finding keys to communicate authentic and original thought on issues of a global nature. I seek to build a bridge which spans the objective and the visionary, and to weave visual with verbal.

I moved to Florida by the Gulf of Mexico, to capture the natural landscape. I use the mediums of Clay, Metal, and Paint to communicate my emotions and thoughts while relating to organic or figurative forms.

Each medium has a rhythm of its own. Clay has a plasticity and ability to carry color for expression. Stone is a classic unyielding medium that challenges the sculptor to find the image within. Metal appears to be inorganic, and the challenge is to bring form back into view. By using paint I am able to mirror the wind, the glistening water, and palm trees that sway. In another words, I’m able to capture the flow of the tropics. Often the combination is both surprising and coherent. Each medium presents its own sets of challenges and rewards.